Tissot announced the signing of a famous actor Huang Xiaoming , the Olympic champion Zhong Man

Famous Swiss watch brand – Tissot (Tissot) today at the Beijing International Convention Center Street held a grand “Ming full world” launch event will be announced with the Olympic fencing champion Zhong Full and popular film song star Huang Xiaoming was formally signed, which is the first Tissot

[November 25, 2009, Beijing] famous Swiss watch brand – Tissot (Tissot) today at the Beijing International Convention Center Street held a grand “Ming full world” launch event announced Olympic fencing champion Zhong Man and popular film song star Huang Xiaoming formally signed, this is the first time Chinese actor signed Tissot, Tissot ambassador team Global Adds heavyweight new members. More than 200 retailers and from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, more than 150 media witnessed this historic moment! Tissot Global CEO Mr. Tim Po (Mr. François Thiébaud) came from Switzerland, came two new spokesperson for the blessing; And Tissot, vice president of worldwide sales fee Hee, Ph.D.,brm mk-44 replica, Director of Global Public Relations Ms. Mary traveled visit the site. Activity in bursts of drums in a step by step toward a climax. replica watches

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drum bursts, long-sleeved dancing, the famous dancer WANG Ya-bin and her friends as we staged a mellow blend of strength and dance “inspired reputation”, opened the prelude to the conference . At this point, global president François Tissot Dimple subtly with the venue “live connection” to the field all the guests expressed their sincere welcome and gratitude! replica watches

numerous sporting events as official timer manufacturer Tissot team of professionals for decades has been the world’s top sporting events provide precise timing services. In addition to bicycles, ice hockey, fencing World Championships, World Championship (MotoGP) and the American Automobile Federation tournament (Nascar) outside, Tissot also served as a multi-Asian Games official time. As a number of international sporting events partners, Tissot has been providing these events provide the latest cutting-edge technology, the highest quality to meet the timing requirements of the game – the pursuit of excellence and extreme precision – this is the Tissot brand values. At the same time, Tissot also with a number of highly successful athletes cooperation,tag heuer Monaco Collection, inviting them to serve as Tissot ambassador. These spokespersons passing out Tissot brand value, highlighting the dynamism and vitality of Tissot. It can be said, Tissot has a bond with the sport. replica watches

First, a show sponsor sports events and Tissot ambassador for the Global Campaign Highlights Tissot lead us into the world of sports; Earth rotation through many countries, Tissot global spokesperson figure appeared one by one along , has been transferred to China, a silhouette screen stopped at the screen, subtitles pop up: “Who is next? “Suddenly, Jianguang flash, draw up a letter” Z “; when the lights turn on again when the Olympic fencing champion, also announced today, the first one Tissot global ambassador – Zhong Man sword appears in the center of the stage , wonderful appearance of bright spots! Zhong Man in a chat with the host conceal his love and respect themselves and Tissot Tissot Gordian edge. In his view, Tissot has been passed by the spirit of the brand “innovation, from tradition! “Actually coincides with the pursuit of fencing. Fencing must train their solid basic skills, but also need to give full play to their spirit of innovation, in order to find their own tactics. Next is a review Zhong Man winning countless moments of the video, if the people back in 2008 that the whole of China are exciting moment! replica watches

Zhong Man is the Chinese fencing team, a dark horse, with the innate sense to judge the distance and acquired hard work, let him become a swordsman aspirations of the world. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Zhong Man of China Olympic men’s fencing achieved a breakthrough, becoming the first Chinese men’s fencing champion! replica watches

Olympic Games, Zhong Man won the China Top Ten Lawrence Best Breakthrough Award winner, Best Male Athlete Sports Personality Award and many other awards. These are certainly always inspired Zhong Man in the arena more calm, more surprise defeat opponents. It is worth mentioning that, in the just-concluded National Games arena, Jiangsu Zhong Man won a gold medal. Courage, daring swordsman Tissot will create a more brilliant future together. replica watches

along, Tissot not only with precise timing technology become a large international sports events partners, but also its stylish appearance and innovative design has won the hearts of many fashionista. Therefore, Tissot has been committed to participate in many fashion events. As Tissot President,Van Cleef & Arpels Charms montres, Mr. Tim Po Peru Fashion Week in 2009, said the same: “Tissot variety of products with more than 150 countries around the world presents a game has excellent design and precise quality ‘fashion show’, we thus and pride. As the world’s leading fashion brands, we are very happy to participate in fashion events and offer our boutique watches as fashion modeling, fashion and style adds charm. “In the period under review Tissot with London Fashion Week, Fashion Week and other fashion event in Peru, a video collaboration, the six top model is for everyone interpretation of the latest fashion watches Tissot season. replica watches

a mention Ms. Tissot watch, Tissot everyone will think of the first Chinese ambassador big S. So, after a mention Tissot Men’s, everyone will think of him! He is the domestic first-line star of a popular film song – Huang Xiaoming! In everyone’s cheers and applause, handsome cool all the way along the red carpet full of Huang Xiaoming took to the stage, before the new Tissot ambassador on speculation finally settled! Surprised at the same time, the audience also think Tissot cooperation with Huang Xiaoming is indeed appropriate. Lian Xiaoming himself said that he and co-Tissot is mutual understanding, mutual positive results: “Tissot is a history of over 150 years of watchmaking brand, but will launch many new products in line with current fashion has always been in constant innovation. And I also always wanted by challenging different roles to improve their acting skills, I believe Tissot also saw my efforts and changes. “