Zenith Defy a new look, out of style, Chrono&nb rose gold

        in 2006, ZENITH launched a new sport watch Defy series, in one fell swoop to bold design,hublot 525.NX.0170.LR, cutting-edge technology and unique style, on the altar table cast a timepiece shock bomb, both masculine and strong DefyClassic

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ZENITH launched a new sports watch series Defi, 2006. In one fell swoop to bold design, cutting-edge technology and unique style, on the altar table cast a timepiece shock bomb, either Defi Classic or Defi Xtreme masculine strong, bold, had set off a lively discussion about the change of appearance and mechanical. This year, ZENITH new DEFY series not only the continuation of the external style, the masculine dynamic strong solid inner tabulation skills and exclusive development of material, but also support the top watch noble gorgeous texture, combining sport, fashion and delicate texture of perfect, launched with rose gold for the material of the new DEFY series, but also for the top write a new definition of sports watch!


can reflect the wearer’s unique extraordinary temperament. In addition to stainless steel design, Defi Classic to have such as limit coupe dynamic exterior compelling! Masculine and smooth lines outline the unique creative power of ZENITH for the one and the only one of the sports watch! Both fashion and neat appearance of Defi Classic whether to engage in leisure activities or on formal occasions, wear. This year Defi Classic also adopted a rose gold in the whole series table section, Defi Classic dynamic and fashionable, and add more luxurious top texture. www.watch4uwater.com


Defi Classic Open www.watch4uwater.com

also face on the time scale, the pointer, dynamic storage instructions and timing code the surface of the disk, the new Defi Classic rose gold styles not only the top 5N rose gold for the material used in the case. And the unidirectional rotating bezel all in rose gold production,Replica watches, increase the value of the watch, will also watch up to top of the outstanding level. In the design, Defi Classic showed contrast neat style, black and white dial, Paris fine elegant studs by extending outward to strap the central ring chain, the biggest feature is the one eye can recognize, design on the combination of stainless steel and rose gold, to create more rich stereo feeling, at the same time more application to rubber sheet