Longines Les Grandes Classiques tricks Flower Watch

        Julia written with All flowers bloom together. spring summer, for fashion keen you discover not hard, the fashion industry also has a lively scene of a butterfly in the rain, the flowers is definitely one of the focus of the spring and summer fashion

suggested retail price: 223,18K K white gold material. 600 Chanel watches

for fashion sense is not difficult to find,       Julia " with the All flowers bloom together. spring summer. The fashion industry has shown the same lively scene to a butterfly,omega 424. price, flower is definitely one of the focus of the spring and summer fashion. Chanel watches

has always been a delicate relationship,       between flowers and women. Secretly attracted to each other,Breitling Professional Watches, a woman flowers blooming for arbitrary beauty and confidence admire flowers intoxicated unceasingly, more to become the best decoration let the woman spoiled; Longines "Le Grand Classicqu" gold watch series take other watches, Longines unique elegant temperament to disclose the spring and summer fashion lively atmosphere, let all the ladies eye is one of bright! Chanel watches

Chanel watches

Le Grand Classiques. Click to Enlarge Chanel watches

launched this "flower" fancy watches,       171 years has been to the elegant image of world-famous Longines. It is difficult not to let the human eye is one of light, the Longines table designer by the unique elegant taste, with superb tabulation process, designed the elegant, fashion, the performance of both watches; as design Daisy, make the table more meaningful, Daisy’s appearance is as bright as the sun bright, has the deep meaning of the symbol peace, elegance, pure and holy, is this watch to demonstrate the characteristics, the Longines watch company said: "this kind of watch is dedicated to the brave pursuit of excellence fashion taste,watch4uoutlet, like a flower blooming bright light and elegant women self-confidence! Chanel watches

has two petals elliptic, round shape,       the Le Grand Classicqu series of flower shape watch. The material is divided into 18K and 18K two kinds of platinum gold, mother of pearl surface appearance, time scale with VVS top diamond, first in the appearance gives a person a minimalist elegance impression; the biggest characteristic bezel design a watch, this watch colorful flower shape with lively fashion vitality, mosaic petal shape in 24 VVS top beauty >