The domestic luxury watch shortness of breath and inferior

        category: watch foreign enterprise representative: watch luxury gene index: ★★★★★ foreign: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, standard enterprise Audemars Pigeut, Breguet, universal, count, Cartire, Jaeger Le Coulter, Rolex, PERREGAUX, gap edge technology by: vertical heterogeneous

category: watch

foreign enterprise representative: watch

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luxury gene index: ★★★★★ finest watches for sale

foreign benchmarking enterprises: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Pigeut,, Breguet, universal, count, Cartire, Jaeger Le Coulter, Rolex, PERREGAUX finest watches for sale

gap reason: technological innovation, brand good destroyed the lack of similar, problems such as lack of marketing. finest watches for sale

for the domestic enterprise, enterprise that is the most difficult to go beyond the opponent. "If the innocent from the cultural and technical point of view,, foreign brand for at least fifty years, are not likely to enter the world watch brand." China collection network watch expert Lin Jun said. finest watches for sale

now,, watches, luxury cars and the yacht is a foreigner eye three most goods prices real luxury, no data show: the outer watch acquisition rate of nearly 40%, and its own without the latest watches the average price is 14200 yuan, visible only to foreigners without a face. finest watches for sale

if those enviable digital is a foreign brand, I am afraid they won’t like now so entangled, but hu want to withdraw the reality distance but is so far away.

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link is still completely conservative Yang Fan?

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single from foreign high-end watch name,, Fiyta, EBOHR, king…… The brand is the Yang Fan ten feet. At least from the name to read and write, it is hard to see how they are domestic brands. finest watches for sale

Lin Jun think, foreign identity for luxury goods is more common, from the popular, the more they tend to branch group brand choice, so a crisp and foreignized name for the domestic market often useless, but foreigners for luxury recognition is more personalized.

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but the brand is not called a foreign name can be established. "The main problem is, foreign culture for thousands of years to accumulate, and the complexity of the Chinese consumer groups, what should be how to use?"