Louis Vuitton Handbags LV Speedy 35 Review

The bag is basically just one big space; there is a small,hublot ferrari replica watches, relatively useless pouch inside but apart from that it is quite difficult to organise or find anything in the Speedy, especially the 35. The 35 size is the largest available in the Damier range and just fits A4.

I would say that as a functional bag it is not worth £455 but as a classical accessory it really does complete an outfit and looks just lovely casually hanging on one&#8217,finest watches;s elbow

Make sure that that if you do buy one you are completely sure of the size of the bag that you want because you’ll find it neigh impossible to return after about a week. Looking back, I would have bought the 30 so that it looks a bit little less bulky and doesn’t fit as much, so won’t weigh as much. Just so you know,Patek Philippe Watches, the numbers stand for the width of the bag in centimetres.

If you want the Speedy because it is a classic LV look then go for it,replica jaeger lecoultre, if you want it for it’s functionality and individual style, I would say you can get a much nicer bag for the same price or less.