The rich like most Watch

        the rich like most watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the financial weekly newspaper editing rich selection of watches not only the production of sophisticated, and beautiful appearance, most of these watches from switzerland. Patek Philippe PATEK PHILIPPE ranked first in the world of watches. The production of the Patek Philippe factory was built in 1839. Each table has an average retail price of $13000 to $20000. They are one of the truly independent watchmakers of Switzerland only, are beginning to the end of their production,, training of a PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek Philippe) watchmaking division takes 10 years time. A large number of customers of Patek Philippe, including many renowned figures,, including Queen Victoria, Tchaikovsky and Einstein. Vacheron Constantin VACHERON CONSTANTIN Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, is one of the world’s most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin has a long history of many of the classic visteon. But, "the smallest volume, the best quality, the highest price" has been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, the Vacheron Constantin factory in Geneva, the annual output is only 6000 meters. Since 1840, production drawings, records, the date of sale and the movement information such as case numbers each watch, are preserved intact in the company’s filing cabinets. Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger-Lecoultre Jaeger Le Coulter is a typical Swiss watch brands. The company was founded in 1833, Jaeger Le Coulter has numerous patents, and made great contributions to the development of the world watches. The mechanism of production of Jaeger Le Coulter’s extremely diverse, there is little movement output type watch company. Especially in the high-grade core of this one, some other brands of high-end watches as the sales volume is very small, so the movement production itself is low, movement will use Jaeger Le Coulter production. Wan Guobiao IWC Schafhausen of Switzerland was founded in 1868 the IWC "mechanical table experts" say, each Wanguo watch has 28 independent test. Is the founder of American florentine. Jones (Florentine A Jones). At the beginning of twentieth Century, table des Nations in Germany,, Austria and other places increase sales. Now, the table has more than 700 sales around the world, products are mainly exported to the Far East, Switzerland and germany. Currently under the Swiss richemont. Wan Guobiao is known as "high-end watches engineers", specializes in the manufacture of men’s watch. Breguet 1775,, A. Louis. Bao Ji (A. Louis Breguet) founded the Bao Ji this brand. The universally acknowledged horological history classic characters first development of this brand in Paris, to switzerland. Breguet watches by the Royal favor, the French king Louis Jula and Queen Marie Chi are respected. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers’ works are also mentioned breguet. The count.