Prominent distinguished billionaire Tourbillon Diamond Watch

        prominent distinguished billionaire Tourbillon diamond watch brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   first, the royal family and nobles will diamond jewelry inlaid on the pocket watch or other goods, to show its prominent position and noble; later, social activities wear jewelry table has become a symbol of status and taste.   treasures Tourbillon Tourbillon technology reach the peak of perfection of beauty, coupled with the diamonds inlaid,, which makes Tourbillon watches in luxury base on more value to the collection! The launch of the CORUM this year’s billionaire Tourbillon watch tourbillon, consolidated price image. Like its name, the only billionaire Tourbillon watch broken million yuan price may be only the super rich have the strength to have. Of course, so high prices not only because tourbillon, but studded with full table ladder drill. Right, and that this "billionaire" the world is only 20, the first day of orders has reached 15! Charming! This year, PIAGET with 1144 106.52 carat diamonds to build a ladder drill to create wonderful palace. Design of double box double time, carry the famous 600P ultra-thin Tourbillon movement, show watch the king temperament. Process such superb and so many ladder drill, make a "Palace" is rare, therefore,, this watch is made only one, but has been a mystery buyer orders, even the rich people, it seems can only enjoy the pictures! And before paragraph two compared to the table, VACHERON CONSTANTIN the Maltese full surface drilling Tourbillon watch filled with modern style,, but in its every nuance, perfect lips with Vacheron Constantin 252 years of proud watchmaking tradition. It is worth mentioning that, Cal.1790 movement hidden within which is the world’s first tonneau Tourbillon movement, 292 pieces of all parts after hand polished and decoration. In addition to a small seconds tourbillon,, it use the noble metal platinum as the case material, and in the case and dial encrusted with round diamonds and ladder drill, reveals the ultimate honour. In three big complex functional watch, three Q function can be regarded as the most complicated. The BOVET three will be asked and Tourbillon two complex function combination, and integrated into the Golden Eagle inlaid with diamonds and other craft, make watches collection value peak. With complex function mechanism of such excellent and exquisite workmanship, also only is embedded in the case each corner of the ladder drill bright firelight and comparable to each other, it can be said, this is complex and need a shape and meaning are stunning.