Mysterious mystery Breguet Tourbillon

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mysterious mystery

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch

Breguet Tourbillon watch


Breguet Tourbillon watch

Tourbillon device of

floating in the air like, neither too fast nor too slow rotating; by a mechanical structure,, an instant into a wonderful work of art, this is the highest realm of wrist watch?

said the tourbillon, almost everyone will associate the Breguet Breguet invented because, in addition to master tourbillon, Tourbillon watches continued development, and structure refinement Tourbillon itself is the world give high evaluation of breguet. Tourbillon device belongs to the complex mechanical structure, flourish in between these years, but the original — Breguet, nature won’t be absent in this battle, and still maintain the leading.

Breguet introduction of new Classique 5335BR Tourbillon Messidor the mysterious Tourbillon watch,, this watch because the use of hollow out design and eccentric time display and the famous. In addition,, the most special place is, design techniques use mystical, lets the entire tourbillon device like a floating in the air.

The design techniques of

which originated from the mystery clock Mystery Clock, is a transparent crystal two pieces of thin, the above paste on the hour hand and the minute hand, by gear meshing, crystal edge and core rotates, the minute hand is like running in the sky of illusion.

The only

Breguet Tourbillon will use this technique in tourbillon device, the first piece of crystal glass in front of tourbillon device; second pieces of crystal glass is located at the bottom of Tourbillon framework, is also fixed the tourbillon device; third pieces of crystal glass, is located in the center of the tourbillon, tourbillon device (and throughout the in addition to balance the central axis outside), let the three pillar frame lock into a fixed. This piece of crystal glass periphery with teeth, and train five gear, when this piece of water >