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        OMEGA limited iron PA gold watch grand debut watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches in Shanghai in August 2, 2005, to celebrate the 110 Anniversary of OMEGA’s entry into the Chinese market, OMEGA specifically for the launch of the new OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch. This watch is only available in the Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Macao area, so it has more historical significance and value to the collection. Early in the end of the nineteenth Century,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, excellence tabulation technology from OMEGA, already be well-known, far and near, into a plurality of National Railway Bureau designated employees watch timer. In 1895, OMEGA cooperation with China National Railway Bureau,www.luxuryshopsale.com, provide accurate timer for all the railway staff. With the popularization of the steam train, OMEGA tieba watches available in 1957. When the iron PA is specially designed for scientists, technicians, professionals and technical personnel and railway staff, power or any need to work in the strong current near the. Fe PA watch Double antimagnetic case, so as to ensure the effect of movement is not affected by the electric magnetic field. Today, although the train has gradually been replaced train cars and aircraft, but still give a person romantic feeling. This charming romantic feeling in the new OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch is also the perfect show. This gold watch in particular to commemorate the 1895 OMEGA Chinese National Railway Bureau of the first batch of watches and special design. The new OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch set design and characteristics of Fe PA series in a body, create new styles to train more patterns carved on the back table, making it quite out of the ordinary. OMEGA will only be issued only 1895 limited edition iron PA gold watch in China mainland, Hongkong and Macao area, visible precious. 39.2mm diameter OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch, show the watch design revolutionary tripak series. Matte black surface with luminous Arabia digital calibration and hour scale, with 2403A coaxial escapement,www.omega-moon.com, excellent and accurate clock function. Coaxial escapement technology innovation can greatly reduce the friction movement during the operation, so as to keep for a long time movement operation. This manual on the chain of OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch was awarded the Swiss official Observatory table (COSC) certification, with 44 hours power storage function. Water resistant to 150 meters. The watch can be lined with 18K gold bracelet or Coffee color alligator leather strap with buckle folding table, and to the design of the new 18K gold. Precise timing, excellent quality, perfect service,www.watchsaleprice.com, created a glorious history of 110 years of OMEGA. This limited edition iron PA gold watch the launch, but OMEGA is the world especially in another masterpiece China consumers dedication. OMEGA limited edition iron PA gold watch product number: 2108.5200 with 18K gold bracelet RMB 114200 product number: 2608.5237 with Coffee color alligator leather strap RMB 63800 OMEGA new limited edition iron PA gold watchcase diameter up to 39.2mm, very eye-catching. Matt black dial with luminous Arabia number.