Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (Figure)

        Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   Vacheron Constantin Egerie series         Hall watch brand Vacheron Constantin has just launched Egerie series,, specifically to have been among the salute leadership, age of women in social contribution and positive work.         in Rome mythology, fairy Egerie rules fertility and beginnings, is shrewd adviser inspiration and politicians in the art world of the. Little Egerie is symbolic of women in the new century real side,, they have the courage to show personal confidence, build distinctive image in the information world.         therefore, the Vacheron Constantin watch works,, whether it is polished meticulous very bezel, studded with dazzling diamond table, decorated with wavy lines machine logo engraved dial,, all bright and brilliant, with 1202 quartz movement, prowess, give a person a kind of eternal beauty.