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        Dalian Cosway’s background Cosway company was founded in 1979 December and is headquartered in Malaysia. The success of the group’s subsidiaries, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Listed Companies (code 4812). E Cosway was founded in 2001 October. The registered capital of the company

Dalian Cosway background

Cosway company was founded in 1979 and headquartered in Malaysia in December. The success of the group’s subsidiaries,luxuryonstore.com, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Listed Companies (code 4812). E Cosway was founded in 2001 October. The company’s registered capital is 9.06 millions of dollars, the total assets of $468000000. In Malaysia, even more than Amway Walter m. Has been hailed as one of the ten classic direct overseas. omega watches

Dalian, Dalian Is it right? MLM, where to sell cheap watches, Dalian Cosway (Chinese) Co. Ltd., the prospects for the development of omega watches

Cosway companies in foreign countries has been in operation for 30 years but we just came to China in our Chinese was a baby so there is an opportunity Cosway is a human to teach people to help the cause and Cosway is a home business enterprise can work in your pajamas as long as you can put the Internet market do all over the country if the ability can also be done abroad now, we first pre paved market paved the market (Chinese Cosway) commodity Limited company come in can have leisure omega watches

Cosway is a new mutual business model, a new business, combined with the development of electronic commerce, the combination of electronic commerce and marketing business, using the Internet at home. It is the combination of WAL-MART Taobao Amway three modes, that is e-commerce + + Direct chain supermarket. Skynet + + network network = no omega watches

Dalian Cosway operating omega watches

1, based on consumption (the home of the daily consumer goods replaced eCosway online supermarket products, in their own online supermarket consumption.) omega watches

2,www.my-watchstore.com, product oriented (knowledge of products and company eCosway online supermarket survey and guide mode, or to attract shoppers and consumers with products.) omega watches

3, to promote the products (for experience and promotion,www.24timesale.com, business process of consumption money looking for cooperation, to provide "home business" omega watches

A career opportunity

, to jointly build a business of their own! omega watches