King mobile Vertu — noble quality, no two product June 2011

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< p > about luxury goods, will think of the watch Patek Philippe, the Rolls Royce car, Montblanc fountain pen, in the original George Armani. If someone asked you what is the phone in the king level products, you will mention who’s name – Samsung NOKIA 88 Series,, Sony Ericsson w Department of the same MotoV system? Yes, these brands have elegant appearance, powerful features and the price of more than two times the popularity of the phone, but are not. Because from the perspective of luxury and noble, just a brand can be described as the honor, its name is – Vertu.

iwc watches< p > King Vertu phone — noble quality, no goods, 2011 June 6, Armani watches official website price, perhaps the name let many people strange. It just shows the Vertu saphenous about the temperament of the city. Also, it also has a surprisingly high prices. In the Vertu range, eight to ten times the lowest price is the current price of high-end mobile phone market. Only this one enough to Vertu has unapproachable aristocratic identity, also let it has made countless veto and vision, because it is a status symbol.

iwc watches< p > today, let us open the Vertu’s price tag, opened the Vertu’s shell, behind it exactly storage with how noble a secret.

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high quality, no two

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Vertu, founded in 2002 in the UK, in Paris, New York, Los Angeles,, and Singapore are equipped with the office. After the acquisition of mobile communications giant Nokia. As with TOYOTA’s Lexus, the target customer base is the Regal class. The first business is to the world’s rich, the nobility sold the most simple and most, of course, is the most expensive mobile phone.

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Vertu — in Latin meaning "high quality, coincidentally," which is characteristic of the mobile phone brand. Since the establishment of four years,, Vertu constantly emphasize the separation of the two concepts of communication and naive, confrontation with the world’s top material supplier and the consumer business collaboration, most ingenious design, the excellent traditional crafts, the most advanced modern technology and function of the most reliable and the most meticulous service integration, mobile communication set up a new standard. And with the joint venture and the classic style became fashionable and chewing on behalf of.

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