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luxuryonstore.com, there goedhieed (cursive) Here are 17 JEWELS. behind the table there is a circle which is a T word and the body of a lion and has three stars and TECHNOS. mark 1105 figures. alphabetical INCABLOC ALL above STAINLESS STEEL SWISS MADE WATERPROOF ANTIMAGNETIC circle around the case. is a manually-wound mechanical watches. would like to ask what is this table? The value of this table? Where can I clean? THX! This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase fee Mr. Mario Hilario Goettems version TINO poetry president said Dino historic poetry table, a solid technical basis,
watch4ufree, the process is stable and reliable, take the high road, in the whole year World sales reached 1 million, has a broad market. The landing of the Chinese market TINO poetry (TECHNOS) table has five series,
www.greatsalewatch.com, it is based on the Harmony World Watch Centre of Chinese market and Chinese consumer spending habits, specifically tailored for the mainland fashion in design blending the beauty of the East in the West, watch cultural arts; in manufacturing, reflecting the pursuit of perfection of Swiss watches. Romance has French, rigorous, technology and other Italian German strong European culture and essence contains both traditional watchmaking, but also with modern fashion elements. Around 5000