Casio into the dust of the previous day female

        a few days ago, his girlfriend in the CASIO store to buy a piece of CASIO’s 527 model of the watch, I am very fond. With some days found inside the table has a tiny dust, buy a table when we check the, why would into dust I was suspected of a few days ago girlfriend Casio store to me to buy the 527 models of a Casio Watch, I like very much. Can take some days to find a table of the inside have a tiny dust, buy a table of the time we check good, why can go in the dust I am very confused? Recent work has not been to the sale,, the dust is very small,
IWC Watches, not careful not to look at the can not always understand? I go after the sale they will be how to deal with, need to spend money? Into the gray is individual phenomenon is to some extent some of that? Or on behalf of the time didn’t notice the trouble knows a friend pointing about, thanked the boy in this ~ this version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy a paid version 1, I think is an individual phenomenon, this is a very sophisticated. The building lord of the table may be inherent in the presence of a certain seal is not strict and so on. My mother sent the watch, is 20 years ago to buy a watch, I did not see a dust. 2, as soon as possible to find the time to look after the sale, if the warranty period, if it is a congenital defect, you can ask them to replace, repair or compensation. 3, after all, I didn’t take a Casio Watch, if after some killed, this section of the table are like this, then they will open the table,
my-watchstore, with small skin to absorb a son blowing the dust clean. It must be no charge.