Ye Jian to build luxury brand & exquisite _ radar watch how much waste money

        Abstract: from the perspective of consumers and history, the luxury brand has "the quantity of waste" and "the exquisite" characteristic. Luxury brands tend to spend a high cost to shoot a fine advertising screen, even in the plane of the font, are

Abstract: from the perspective of consumers and history, the luxury brand has a "quantitative waste" and "exquisite" features. Luxury brands will often spend the high cost of fine advertising screen shot, even the appearance of the font in the plane, carefully designed, vision is an important means to create the style of luxury brand.

sevenfriday watch< p > Ye: to build luxury brand waste & exquisite Rado watch how much money, luxury brand,, must also be follow these two principles.

sevenfriday watch< p > "luxury" almost the long course of historical evolution and. It has the characteristics of the time and the brand, but also has the special nature of the industry, to build luxury brand in the short term,, "waste" and "beautiful" is the shortest route, only brand put on "luxury" packaging, in order to make the "luxury brand" possible.

sevenfriday watchA review of the

luxury development history, it contains two meanings: the quantity and quality of the shift.

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this is a historical dialectical materialist point of view, namely quantitative bring qualitative change, change and enhance the quantitative connotation, bring new change, luxury is mainly due to: city urbanization, the accumulation of wealth, the rise of the middle class, consciousness, individual needs improvement,, the formation of luxury conditions are often from the amount of no city began to increase, there is no middle class, consumption aggregation, no accumulation of wealth, nature will not appear "luxury" concept, the "luxury" of early performance in more quantitative "waste", such as the medieval high nobility travel often have over 100 servants, to show off many of the illegitimate child and proud of and so on, are quantitative show, the later development of "luxury" concept has a more "elegant", handmade works of art, the one and only personal enjoyment, is beyond the "quantity" of the "quality" of the change, from the simple "waste type show" has become a "beautiful".

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< p >, of course, for the luxury brand owners, "wasteful show off" and "fine," and is complementary and inseparable, no quantitative asset accumulation, certainly can not live a fine life, with exquisite life, also do not care about too quantify consumption, for billionaires, have a LV bag and 10 LV bag there is not much difference, easy 14 built the palace of Versailles, not only large-scale and magnificent, magnificent, on behalf of the era, both from a peak of "quantity" and "quality".