How many dating sites 3S lady was mistress! Tudor watches over

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a few days ago on the Internet seen a post, the effect is now some dating website "latent" many small three, they through the Internet dating to find their true love, so as to get rid of "small three" the embarrassment of identity, the article also there is no lack of the three small praise and supportThese dating some < p > a few days ago on the Internet read a post, the effect is now dating site "latent" many small three, they through the network to find their true love, so as to get rid of the "small three" the embarrassment of identity, the article also lack the third praise and support, and today I want to write a phenomenon, is my recent years pile "bizarre" affair case reflected, and the "hidden" in the dating site mistress love and different is that my case in the third, they are in the dating website or active or passive, or consciously, or unconsciously, by the "3S lady" into the "small three".


dating site how many 3S lady "was" mistress! How much money a Tudor watches, Guangdong occupation school female teacher Yan Min and her husband married a pair of children to their families for nearly 20 years, around a lot of friends envy, so she never thought, is just a normal national day last year after the couple quarrel, husband from an excuse to move away from home, and gone for ever, but also let her think impassability, never mentioned "divorce" two word husband should be in this year Valentine’s day suddenly home and told her: "we get a divorce, we have no love", not from Yan Min, stop crying, and later moved to parents, relatives, friends when lobbyists, are unable to persuade them to go back, until one day, she received a claim to the harp girl call: "Yan sister, I am sorry, I am your husband’s child, we want to get married, please let him go, and we achieve it". Take this phone, Yan Min completely collapse, call her husband again, just get "I do have people, she has my child, I also ask you to let me go".

tourbillon4uwatch< p > two days later, the husband’s appointment, Yan Min in Guangzhou along the Yangtze River,, a coffee shop saw the phone "Chin", and know the they do early in a year ago by domestic a dating site know, at that time the husband specially marked their identity is: divorced without children,, also flaunt himself in Guangzhou has a lot of scale factory (in fact,, their factory also dozens of people, or that processing of Foundry), especially his animal is a horse, this is precisely the harp Zodiac dog special match. They saw the two sides "white-collar life, until the national day last year that Yan Min husband and wife quarrel, it will strengthen the idea they will get married. And for Yan Min husband’s marital problems, harp had doubts, but later her husband honest confession, harp did not oppose the instead: "OK, I can wait, for love I can all" and so on.


smell this, Yan Min from the situation, the whole