Dongguan times, a Q & A Q & A Q & A began to ask questions.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; regional manufacturing a boutique C neither from the regional production boutique,, nor to Dongguan manufacturing quality is the mainland purchase authentic ceremony with hand and is not difficult to Oh, as long as is the high-end gift shop to buy get souvenir. Dongguan times Taiwan Bo will have a Q & a startA

regional system of quality

C has made from fine regional, and Dongguan made boutique tourbillon4uwatch

want to buy into the mainland with the authentic hand ceremony and not difficult to Oh, as long as the high-end gift shop to buy with hand.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > the Dongguan times Taiwan fair a Q & A began to send watch quiz, but no one came to this newspaper to receive helmet from the East Mr. Cui happily hold the goods payment of staff of the hands, and having his lips dripping with the words of praise, I wish the Dongguan times can perhaps held more audience interaction activity.


may be pineapple cakes many city residents are familiar with, but will not necessarily understand the convexity of mung bean. Mung bean convex bag filling but oh, braised pork and Gu Yue Xuan mung bean the convex divergence to south square biscuit type, very characteristics.


reference method: choose the right answer to the text message to the Dongguan times SMS platform. Today 18 stop to receive SMS, 10 lucky readers to answer questions and being drawn outside the number will be released tomorrow are the times.



what are the main items of the Dongguan famous exhibition?


who is the name of the Dongguan Expo, Answer: A Dongguan City People’s


– tourbillon4uwatch

won the list< br / > the third stage Q & a product has published, is a box of Gu Yue Xuan brand desktop with of hands for the gift box, which contains mung bean is raised, egg yolk crisp and pineapple cakes and a variety of conservative with hand ceremony, let you can enjoy many kinds of snacks.


< br / > the second stage Q & a lucky readers still no 10, outer 3 star get YUTO fashionable watches,, 2 star get Eddie Yue health necklace, 5 winners get Edile healthy bracelet.


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