Casio can I buy CASIO watch at sixth days

    我买的CASIO手表在第6天的时候,表里12点的地方一个小块掉了下来,我去在商场找销售,想换块一模一样的新表,可他们不给换,说是卖出就不给换了,只管维修,可我买的第6天就表里就掉了东西 我买的CASIO手表在第6天的时候,表里12点的地方一个小块掉了下来,,我去在商场找销售,想换块一模一样的新表,可他们不给换,说是卖出就不给换了,只管维修,可我买的第6天就表里就掉了东西,第6天表就得修,自己心里怎么也过意不去.请问可以换表或退吗?我小票,保修卡什么的都有!该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版应该可以,,不退到消协告他去 消费者权益保护法 第四十条 经营者提供商品或者服务有下列情况之一的,除本法另有规定外,应当依照《中华人民共和国产品质量法》和其他有关法律、法规的规定,承担民事责任:(一)商品存在缺陷的;(二)不具备 The use of the performance of the commodity should have sold without explanation; (three) do not meet in goods or by marked on the packaging of its commodity standards; (four) does not meet the quality indicated the product description or by a sample product; (five) obsolete production or sale of commodities failure, deterioration the goods; (six) the number of sales of goods is insufficient; (seven) the service items and charges in violation of the agreement; (eight) ‘request for repair, redoing, replacement, return,, the number of those goods, refund the purchase price and service fee or compensation for losses, intentional delay or unreasonably refused; (nine) consumer rights and other damage circumstances as prescribed by laws and regulations. Product Quality Law Article 40 sold products under any of the following circumstances of, the Seller shall be responsible for the repair, replacement, return of goods; losses are caused to the purchase of consumer products, the Seller shall compensate for the losses: (a) do not have the products shall have the performance without any prior explanation; (II) does not meet the the product standards indicated on the product or its packaging; (III) do not meet in the product description and physical samples indicate that the quality status. After the Sellers undertake the repair, replacement, return of goods, compensation for the losses in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, which belongs to the producer responsibility or belong to other sellers provide the product to the seller (hereinafter referred to as the responsibility of the supplier), the Seller shall have the right to recover losses from the producer or supplier. Where the seller fails to repair, replace, return or compensate for the loss in accordance with the first provision, the product quality supervision department or the administration department for Industry and Commerce shall order the correction.