Dirty table, how to do

        dirty table, here.

asked: dirty watch,www.time4usale.com, how to do?

< p > A: < br / > if not waterproof list is dirty, you can use soft bristled toothbrush Qingshua stains can be; and waterproof list can use neutral cleaning agent watered scrub, reoccupy soft cloth wipe; double canvas belt or rubber belt can also do the same,
www.wrist4usale.com, but if the dirt has been infiltrated into the material layer, will not be able to use chemical cleaning agent, in order to avoid deterioration.

www.review4uwatch.com< p > motorcycle exhaust could easily lead to fade, gold flake, air dust, sweat, rain, dirt and other will dirty watches,
www.salehublot.com, especially the gold-plated watch parts, if the leather watch, which makes the leather belt moldy, produce peculiar smell and even rupture, so the best in every time done wearing watches (especially in the hot summer), with a soft cloth to gently wipe.