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< p > English "repeater watch", translated into Chinese is "Q" or "spring", is characterized with complex mechanical devices, "clang" ringing to achieve timekeeping function, it with tourbillon, perpetual calendar and said watchmaking skills most ghost axe God industry and trade of complex function. Electric lighting has not yet appeared in, in the dim light of night, on the mechanical device of the sound of ringing to informing the exact time, ask the motivations for the table. With the progress of science, ask table function has been weakened, it cannot be denied it has evolved to become top watchmaking skills of the perfect stage of tabulation master and senior watch brand display.

will ask the three movement to a symphony orchestra, is no exaggeration. In the original has been flooded with the movement of the splint, a spring box, gear and screw, but also to accommodate a whole chain of the spring plate, a plurality of hammer and a large number of gear in the case of the seals in the world. The three question form entirely by mechanical device inside the watch to time into a series of spring sound,, clockwork first through the side of the case of the lever key vertical operation to timekeeping, saving energy, and hour, minute clock and the minute gear also has a good wind into the position of timekeeping; startup, the spring release of the energy supply speed regulator, which according to the principle of centrifugal force, let strike hammer speed is kept constant, two hammers were played at bass, mixed with low and high tone and tenor.

< p > Q table history can be traced back to throughout medieval Europe in the towns of the clock tower, clock tower at the time of the plays a punctual timekeeping. The chiming of the bells is a piece of melodious music. Since then, the portable clock with automatic timekeeping function emerge as the times require in the mid sixteenth Century. In 1676, the British master clocks Edward Barlow invented the size small enough to hold in the clock gear spring mechanism, and the other a British watchmakers Daniel quare launched the more optimized two questions, namely Times reported the moment of spring table – hour issued a bass, each engraved (15 minutes) issued a treble and bass accompanied by sound. At that time the two table asked already has a very optimized design, using only a single button to start ringing timekeeping function, and only the button toggle the end in order to successfully start ringing timekeeping.

in the whole of eighteenth Century, the two asked the table is the main form of the table, after the emergence of a very asked, half a quarter of a question,, five points asked table. Today, in turn, the moment, the moment, the three asked table to become the mainstream. Three questions in fact is accurate to the minute play spring meter, timer sent the bass, newspaper carved out a mixed level tone, then the caller send out the treble. For example, if it is, when, when the two bass, then the "bells, bells, bells," the last is "Ding Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding," the four high,, the sound combination on behalf of the time is 2:49.

asked the time table according to the sound sound spring material, material, case size and overall resonance effect are different.