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One of the most brilliant stories of the history of the

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throughout the history of the clock, Chopin (Chopard) is one of the most brilliant success stories of the past half a century. Indeed, the Louis Ulysse & middot; Chopin (Louis-Ulysse Chopard) in 1860 in the Swiss Jura Valley sonvilier Sonvilier founded brand have the rich tradition of one and a half century.

< p > however, the internationalization of the brand development and leap was started in 1963,, this year, from the German F Foer F Haim (Pforzheim) watches jewelry family Carl & middot; Schaefer (Karl Scheufele) acquired the Chopard Chopin. Just a few decades, Chopin (Chopard) among the international well-known large luxury brands of the column. Chopard Chopin is the number of independent family business. This success in the world can be described as rare, active mainly in two major areas: Women’s watch, jewelry, fine jewelry, by Carl & middot; Schaefer, the couple’s daughter Caroline & middot; responsible for Schaefer (Caroline Scheufele); second is men’s watch,, by the former’s brother Karl Frederick. Schaefer (Karl Friedrich Scheufele) shall be in charge of the business, and the latter is the Chopard Chopard lead to complex field of the clock.

One of the most brilliant stories in the history of the

advanced clocks – Chopin

1996, Chopin (Chopard), a major step forward, it is in the Valle de Tel Weir (Val-de-Travers) Fuller Lille (Fleurier) to create a high level of the factory, and the introduction of the brand "" L.U.C (the name from the brand founder Chopard Louis-Ulysse). The move further consolidate the position of the brand in the field of watches, and derivatives of a series of innovative technology. In 2008,, the brand has its own movement of the original plant: Ebauches SA Fleurier (basic movement).