Manual winding and automatic winding accuratetiming [figure] _ _ contrast watch watch small knowledg

I think this problem should be analyzed from the structure, the principle and the use of several aspects. From the structure in automatic watch just automatic winding components and other hand winding amounts, of course, its spring structure is also different. Watch the accuracy depends to watch resonator stability is composed of hairspring balance wheel and the mechanical shock mechanism, its oscillation cycle should be stable, can affect the oscillation cycle of many factors, such as: gear transmission to be flexible, spring torque output to smooth, full string and falling string torque difference, change of position, this will lead to put the amplitude change and, in particular, the swing amplitude changes, the most direct impact on the period of oscillation of the balance. In addition, there are temperature, magnetic field,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, impact, and other external factors such as interference, a good watch but is able to reduce these effects to a minimum.

< p >, theoretically speaking, the greater the watch movement, the higher the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel, watch more accurate, in the limited space, balance, and a clockwork spring box can expand, which to watch, but a good thing; that is, high frequency’s should travel time accuracy will be better, and this is their stronger anti-jamming ability. Hand winding and automatic winding watches, but more or less a automatic winding component, it has no direct role in the travel time accuracy of the watch, their oscillator structure and size are basically the same (except the Pearl Tuo or small Tuo and wind energy). Therefore, we cannot conclude that which type of higher accuracy.

in fact, the cause of the accuracy of the time of the watch is mainly in the use of the wind force, which is the biggest impact on the swing. Hand winding watch every day full spring, full string state, the indicators are better watch. When the string is dropped, the accuracy of travel time is also reduced. Automatic watch is not a fixed number, if to good ideas, automatic watch will with arm swing at any time and constantly to watch winders, as long as enough amount of exercise, then watch should be always kept in a state of full string, which of course is very good, to improve precision watch is indeed good; but if the arms swing to lack of momentum, or because the work all day office, most arms only horizontal swing, few do vertical swing, then automatic Tourbillon basic not acting and,, therefore,, on spring, such a situation than hand winding watch accuracy.

< p > plus home took the watch, want to automatic winding function does not work fully, this watch probably even travel time length can guarantee (such as continuous travel time of more than 30 hours), watch for a long time in the weak string, precision watches how can high? Automatic watch to a conceptual misunderstanding, that it need not the hand to wind, if worn less movement, like the hand winding watch belt that timely or timing to Bubu string, do so that is necessary.