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pure European descent: inventory from German watch brand

1, Junghans (JUNGHANS)

from the traditional to the future, the German innovation and precision of the best model,http://www.salehublot.com, the German watch industry’s first big brand, was born in 1861. 150 years, has been in its simple and elegant appearance and Germany exquisite first-class quality enjoys good reputation. From 1879 to get the patent on the first calendar watch play. To date, the company obtained the patent has reached 3000 items, experience has become the biggest watch company in Germany. From 1957 to 1962 the Bauhaus modern design master Max bill, Mr. JUNGHANS design a series of watches and clocks. So far the series sheet that is still being fans think is the best interpretation of the Bauhaus simple functional design style, become the best-selling JUNGHANS brand in classic.

pure European descent: inventory from German watch brand

Junghans Junghans Max bill series 34 mm round diamonds model 027/3701

mechanical manual on the chain J805,topwatchbest.1

luminous display

stainless steel case

stainless steel 34 mm

special hardened organic glass mirror

small leather strap with buckle