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movement has been a limitation to the creative process, the count’s family’s Gé rald and Valentin brothers, in order to have a new way of showing time and enjoy the beauty, so they began to change the size of the movement. In addition to the classic watch design,, but also designed a ring table, gold watch and other works.


< p > in 1967, count and super realistic art masters Dali Salvador Dali poured unrestrained creative passion, work together to design Dalid ‘or gold coins: blend into the positive Dali classic bearded image and his wife Gala portrait,
Glashuette Original Senator Watches, back of Dali’s works in the common theme the eggs, and fascinated by the author gave birth to the "world of tomorrow" theme echoed. Count from Dali’s surrealistic alchemy magic inspired and acquire the exclusive right to use, antique gold ideas shape extends to watch, bracelets, pendants and rings design. From Daly’s D or ’22K Dali gold coins in the year only limited production, respectively,, the individual number of casting.