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TypeXX fly back to the steel section

sold in 1998, TypeXX, stainless steel case, 582 movement, case diameter 40 mm.

forecast price: 40000 – 23000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 62500 Hong Kong dollars

< p > but their steel sheet can be a different matter, only with the Breguet family of those traditional gold table has a great difference, if not Breguet words clearly engraved in the dial, not many people can at first glance to see this is a piece of Breguet produced works.

TypeXX fly back Breguet chronograph

section steel

but though not how Breguet, but core quality is good,, and the timing belt fly back function. The strip steel table also attached to a small plane model, to commemorate the first biplane flight across the Atlantic feat. 4 million Hong Kong dollars valuation appears to be somewhat conservative,, results in more than 50% of the actual price clinch a deal that seems Breguet steel sheet or sell well of.