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< p > cartier watches experts to explain how to properly remove watch escapement fork is a very important work, watch removing escapement fork must is in winding torque or spring, although the moment but by blocking the transmission mechanism, a wheel box the tooth can not be driven and its meshing gear shaft rotation of.

Clockwork and table < p > 1, eliminate the mainspring torque,, rapid elimination of mainspring torque can be used "back strength" approach, it is the specific action is: on the one hand thumb and index finger to pinch the handle head and slightly rotating handle head the handle shaft is in the open state, the rest of the fingers fixed table machine (if you are using a machine seat does not need such as this,
Breitling Watches, the pawl tooth steel tooth will be out of contact, on the other hand with rod tip poke pawl make it lose non-return effect, then pinch the handle head fingers handle head and make it in the spring by the size of the steel wheel,, wheel, a clutch wheel and a handle shaft relax moment slow rotation, to prevent the instantaneous expansion make parts damaged. See figure 3-9.