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designed for R & D and manufacturing of RM027, the whole watch (excluding strap) is only about 13 grams.

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< p > "this diameter is 45 mm watch enough air, but nearly 200 grams of weight let me wearing a day later, wrist pain." Engaged in the architectural design of Mr. Li just bought a piece of a high-end brand stainless steel material mechanical table, he admits, because drawing at his desk for a long time, heavy watch let him produce discomfort. He had to change wear thin rubber material of the watch. "To watch but not heavy, light material is undoubtedly the best choice. In the early, mechanical watchmaking because of cost consideration, make steel replaced with gold, silver, and other precious metals as a case of raw materials, steel material still is used in a number of watch. But the main problem of the steel is unable to ensure that the case has enough hardness, prone to scratches, so many brands began to research and development of new material, this time using in Aerospace Science and technology of titanium, carbon fiber and other lightweight materials appeared. " The party said the comments were.

< p > Panerai launches classic 47 mm diameter luminor 1950, with matte titanium metal watchcase made of, and equipped with a polishing surface of a box and a sapphire crystal glass table at the end cover and the P.2002/9 Panerai self-made movement and dynamic storage display panoramic view. Buckle the same matte titanium metal production, because this material lightweight, tough, low degree of allergy. "Titanium material has incomparable superiority,
Breitling Watches, compared with the fine steel 43%, has the good overall corrosion resistance, extremely low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. More and more brands to titanium material in the laboratory, and try to keep it and different materials to do addition and subtraction,, has introduced a mix of new material. " The table fan Liu said, such as tungsten titanium alloy smooth and bright, is applied in many fashion table, titanium metal and ceramic combined in recent years has been a breakthrough, to ensure the ceramic luster and strengthen the hardness, the radar and Chanel and other brands, to become a symbol of the use of the table.

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titanium, carbon fiber is also widely used to watch. This is a kind of microcrystalline graphite material, which is processed by organic fiber and graphite, has excellent mechanical properties, 1/4, and tensile strength is 7-9 times of steel. At present, the brand has begun a new round of carbon fiber to test the water. Yu ship table watchmaker Matthias & middot. Bout design a case and movement of the main plate using carbon fiber "carbon fiber" ask three tables, in order to prove the carbon fiber material excellent plasticity. "Carbon fiber can be made relatively thin,L. Leroy Watches, the same size, the internal space of the carbon fiber case will relatively large, tabulation division to provide more space for inspiration." Mathias · said bout.