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run things silently: the film ads implanted

in early 1951, Hamilton watch and Hollywood forged origin. In the Oscar nominated film "frogmen", the actor playing the part of the naval diving heroes are wearing Hamilton in the second world war made the navy military. So far the Hamilton watch has been in "Blue Hawaii" (Elvis Presley starred), "Pearl Harbor", "superman returns" and "men in black" trilogy and more than 400 Hollywood film debut.

< br / > the audience to Hamilton in the movie the impression may come from is the world aggressively Hollywood blockbuster "men in black": K officer watch in military Dahan Milton after spacecraft to the moon, look up at the table…… Different to the Chinese film and television work in those unreasonable, the simple and crude product placement,
Tudor watches, such as accept donations of people also gifts of wine, have no relation with the story of close-up, or even deliberately read brand name… Hamilton watches in the "black people into" in the trilogy seems natural, smooth, reasonable.

run things silently: Hamilton’s film ads implanted

"we have a dedicated team and director, screenwriter, to participate in the script creation, and even for the needs of the script, tailor-made products." Hamilton, vice president of China Song Jianhui, said, such as shooting,, I was a legend, according to the story,, the variation of the virus is always rest during the day, night attack. Hamilton will tailor a black and white dichromatic dial watch, daytime pointer in the white area, needle in the evening go to black areas, in order to highlight remind virus attack time. This watch features obviously and the plot is a heaven-made match."