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Breguet hundred years of traditional

called A.L. (Abraham-Louis Breguet) as the Breguet watchmaking field "ancestral" is not an exaggeration. Is the tabulation genius invention and improvement including tourbillon, perpetual calendar, timekeeping, spring,, many clock mechanism and function,, there are some innovative invention even to his name to name, such as: Breguet type pointer, Breguet type digital, Breguet type gossamer and so on. People also called him "the holy table", can be seen in the history of the watch has respected position

!The queen

king Louis Jula of France and Marie are Breguet’s admirers. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers of the works are also mentioned breguet. The queen of Vitoria and Prime Minister Churchill and others are Breguet customers. Watches or clocks collectors around the world for the object. Founded in 1775 the Breguet has gone through the mileage of more than 230 years of wind and rain, and now still in the deep humanities spirit and excellent tabulation traditional proudly forefront.


Patek Philippe


no one can have Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation of custody." This is Patek Philippe’s classic advertising language, I do not know how many people moved!

< p > "handed down" is not lip service, now world auction transaction price of the highest top ten watches are Patek Philippe products, including the highest auction price is the made for American banker Henry graves with 24 complex function of bag table (No. No.198385). In a 1999 auction at the price of $11 million turnover. In 1939 2002, a manufacturing world time zone watch to the transaction price of $4020000. In such an amazing price of course, there are many factors, but it can be sure that the perfect quality of Patek Philippe is permanent.

Good quality

has been recognized as the only proper course to take the success of Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe’s all mechanical movement were awarded the Geneva Geneva (Seal), Geneva mark is the movement of the highest standards of production and decoration, representing the perfect quality, extraordinary production process, but also a highly reliable performance. In all of a Swiss watch to won the hundred of the movement of the imprint is ninety-five Patek Philippe products, enough to prove the quality of Patek Philippe watches.

Patek Philippe adhere to the "high-quality, reliable, the" three principle, has a number of patents in technology. Most importantly,, there are strict limits on the production of Patek Philippe watches, each no more than 10000. Almost every watch are limited edition