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< p > watch brand leather strap material in general can be divided into the crocodile skin,, lizard skin, skin,, ostrich skin and small leather etc., these leather strap of the price is not low,, about 12000 to five or six thousand dollars, no matter what the seed coat strap, even if the quality is good, price high, wearing a long will smell and hardening of the will, if we do not carry out timely maintenance will accelerate aging of leather strap.

< p > if you want to extend the service life of the leather strap, it is necessary to pay attention to try to avoid contact with water, if accidentally wet should as far as possible after drying to wear, prevent stink. We try our best to get into the habit of sleeping without a table, so that the skin may have a chance to breathe. To easy to hardened leather strap in winter, there will be a curved shape, then we must pay attention to do not reverse direction folding leather strap,, lest the damage.