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Van Cleef &,; Arpels

is called the twenty-first Century enamel watch pioneer

< p > sometimes, traditional Swiss watchmaking to sectarianism is very can cause the same exquisite traditional Chinese interest. On the one hand, they are the traditional and conservative, pay attention to seniority and education inheritance, all stories about legendary apprentice to be talked about, but on the other hand, they for some things and open a staggering, for example,, the same year can by two big brands also launched with a master of enamel works.

< p > but it makes one feel, sectarianism in traditional Swiss watches and clocks, more is because advocates of art itself, and not just between the portals of the spacious sweep from Jane. It also indirectly understood,, why the general movement of revival effect of the Swiss watch industry is called the "great".

< p > Luojiedu Peter much more table section of the dial is a complex combination of surface, this chassis enamel in the burn easily because of stress dispersion is not uniform,, causing the failure, so the rate of finished products is very low,< p > this year’s Basel later, watch critic, "fashion time" editor in chief pan arrow will to reporters said highlights of the show’s most impressed him, with stems from enamel master Anita Porchet hand and micro painted enamel table. Her Hermes pocket watch, into the "sprinkle gold" process, that tiny gold particles naturally "floating" in the transparent enamel; and Chanel "screen" enamel table, with Miss coco boudoir screen as the theme, pen and ink charm incisively and vividly like embroidery.