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years of antique watches

< p > can is careful study of small complex mechanical device, can also be a pure intellectual curiosity, Beijing Palace Museum Museum of clocks and watches,, 11 and 14 will always be given special time significance, selection of antique clocks demonstrations to quiet years of exquisite timepiece re Hwan new, stubbornly in particular time remind people time the passage of time and the replacement of the history.

watches a lot of types, the real value of the collection is mainly antique watches. Ago time more long, the more able to attract people’s enthusiasm for used; rare vintage watches, pocket watch, watch appreciation faster, and are worthy of collection. Collection of antique watches a look. Second, look at the time depends on the implication of its historical and cultural value, and is not the original wife and so on. Of course, the modern production of scarce, quantitative fixed payment of the big names also have the value of the collection.

collection industry has a standard,Michele Watches, antique clock is not now the factory is still in the manufacture of products, must have more than 30 years of history. Antique clocks including clocks and antique table, mostly refers to the 19th and early 20th centuries half leaf production of pocket watch,, watches and clocks, etc.. Exquisite watches assembled a gilt copper, enamel, jewelry, marble, porcelain, boast commisserate expensive wood, compared with other collections, antique clocks is not only gorgeous decoration, unique, wonderful functions,, and is not easy to imitate, and has a high value for collection.

unfortunately, with the passage of time, the antique clock will inevitably appear to damage. The disappearance of gears, parts of the oxidation, surface wear…… This is the moment in the years of relentless timepiece traces. However, the time may bring the most serious damage, often far more than a pair of careless hand. The La Cueillette des cerises pocket watch case, repair action of previous improper, left indelible scars for the. Several mechanical components after soldering and be free to change, make steel produce oxidation phenomenon cannot be restored. The traces of the years and man-made damage to antique clocks, it does not mean a crowning calamity.

Art beats nature.

to erase the traces of the years and the artificial mark

wants to resume normal operation of antique clocks, must rely on the repair of the master’s skills. Watch master George · Daniels in the world, he said he did not want to engage in the repair of watches, because it must allow themselves to work in other people’s style, with the mentality and way of antique clock makers to repair work, the lack of originality. But Michelle & middot; Mr. Nirupama Jonny but will repair a watch collection is seen as quite rare wonderful experience, you not only have the long lost wonderful process and function may discover to, or "put it from old >