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in addition to the collection of watches — visit museum (on time)

museum is located in Geneva

the entire museum is divided into 4 layers,, the museum staff to give the best route is very interesting, the first floor, and then directly on the 4 floor,, from the top down to the end of the two floor.

to visit the line

< p > according to been to PP Museum, that the famous clock Museum Menlian not easy to find, if nobody to lead the way,, you will miss it. As the most professional watch Museum, you walk in the door as if you were walking into a time tunnel. The whole museum is divided into 4 layers, the best way to visit the museum staff is very interesting,, the first floor, and then directly on the 4 floor, from the top down to the end of the two floor.

in addition to the collection of time — watch also visit top watch Museum (on

)< p > on the ground floor you can see lifelike former reproduce, completely retained when traces of watchmaking workshop decorated with ancient watchmaker, engraver and enamel artisans immersed himself in his day and night work as. Here, you can see more than 400 pieces of the late 18th century to the early 20th century watchmaking tools, ancient workshops that solemn atmosphere blow on the face and. The museum also arranged a good repair antique table watchmakers in the workplace impromptu demonstration, very be personally on the scene.

is said to have a real visit to the 4 level, where a large number of museums have been stored, and the library is more than 4000 books…… To the third floor, more than 300 pieces of Geneva and European traditional meter and created more than Geneva master enamel refined painted portrait to visitors are introduced in the first three months of the important period of the art of watchmaking. The second floor display the 1839 since PP watch collection, is absolutely every watch enthusiasts are fascinated heart, said more than 1000 excellent timepieces witnessed the watch Patek Philippe technical and aesthetic innovation.