The time the top four most beautiful art enamel disc watch recommended

Beijing Beijing

image series of embedded enamel Watch< p > watch comment: "Beijing impression" series of watches set for four gold, brings together the eight characteristics of the local architecture in Beijing as the background of the dial, by the Beijing watch factory and China University of Geosciences jewelry school associate professor of any entry, joint design and. Embedded enamel with unique hydraulic process of the Beijing watch factory made dial,, used for the collection are also good.

watch series:

series embedded enamel

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: leather

case diameter: 40 mm

domestic price: $7800

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49870-53-R12-BA6A watch series< p > a brief review on watch: dial is condensation performance of filled enamel painting process of crystallization, by GP Jhihbo table enamel factory workshop meticulously. To echo with the dial, the city shows the ring on the ring with the Royal Blue highlight the name of Portsmouth and the Royal port. In addition to display local time, this watch also by blue / white two-color time display ring and rhodium plated leaf minute synchronous display the time all over the world. First,, the outline of the chart is carved on the platinum billet. Eight direction exquisite compass wind chart,
topwatchbest, size of not more than 3 mm, by carving craftsman carving.


watch series

movement type: automatic mechanical

material: 18K platinum

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 41 mm