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according to historical records, the clock was born about 600 years ago, and the watch is at the end of seventeenth Century. In that Britain, France,, Germany and the earlier Watch – making countries,, clock almost all mounted on top of the church tower, and the advent of new lever balance wheel and spring ring mechanism clocks technology, for the watch into people’s pockets to create the conditions, this is the first pocket watch.

in nineteenth Century, the watch manufacturing technology has reached a very high level. The time of the tabulation process by hand, from gold watchcase build, delicate carvings, painted enamel firing to each gear and screw grinding, all should be treated by hand. An exquisite workmanship, complex functional watch,, often take several years to finish.

< p > Swiss watchmaker is because mastered the advanced technology (such as the leading gear device and escapement) in the field of pocket watch, the Swiss national will in successive two centuries become the center of the world watch industry. Many of the early Swiss watchmaking technology, now with passing years and lost, only handed down these exquisite watch, still to people about past the glorious history.

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pocket watch "dragon"< p > as Patek Philippe source Di opening Memorial special timepiece debut this extravagant Patek Philippe "dragon" pocket watch is the world only a pieces of rare goods. Watch the use of decorative open face pocket watch, decorated with filigree enamel and hand carved dragon shaped pattern, only this pattern is time-consuming for 2.5 hours. The Caliber 1-17 LEP PS IRM pocket watch with manual chain movement, power reserve display needle with a mistress.