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Tang Jiao: ",; dare to love and hate " Classic Fusion

new model

Tang Jiao as most of the Beijing girls, forceful, direct, dare to love and hate. In order to be able to together with any North, secretly hidden in the trunk and follow them go clear. Met North approached the girl, with her shrewish ways to solve the ‘met North frustration will always accompany around helliphellip her naive forceful direct character also received many viewers like, and she play dress up in many Pink Girls mainly, which undoubtedly contributed to the a wave of princess. Colors as Hublot Classic Fusion new women, ethereal world spirit like.

Yu ship launched a new Classic Fusion model series of inspiration is a powerful and unconstrained style selection. Material fusion lapis lazuli, rose stone, sand stone and other natural materials, the mash material,longines watches, color impact, material bold is complemented by a unique Yu ship table superb tabulation process bloom metamorphosed into specific to your wrist between the wizard, ethereal caper. Fine diamond pieces around the bright soft dial,, diamond marks and color moment pointer is not divided, like love love. Characteristics of smooth leather strap buckle closely connected by the brand exclusive table, conquered countless modern women’s " core; " real.

clove: " independent " Limelight Magic noble; Hour watch

< p > play clove can use playfully two words to describe, because of the beautiful appearance and good professional, clove, become the & quot; goddess & quot; level figures. But because it was hurt, the feeling has reservations about this, let his feelings Jose headache. In the play,, our confident and independent goddess fan is captured the hearts of a congregation Indoorsman. Her noble gorgeous as count Limelight Magic Hour watch. The count limelight magic hour watch can be described as is a magnificent machine watch, fine diamond around the dial, dial minimalist scale and in the ornate underscored the culture noble. The surface of the Rose Gold Diamond Magic Hour outer ring can be rotated and has three different styles. White radiation like ripples in the general direction of the spread, and the rose gold ring of the diamond ring. Simple Princess pointer and three styles of surface coordination is no sense of violation and a seamless heavenly robe. In a dignified and elegant and a little more valiant and heroic in bearing.