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Julianna ·,; Marguilies: Lawyer uniform + Watch

< p > the American film and television actor Juliana & middot; Margulies, starring in the CBS "good wife" (the good wife, she plays the role after the husband deep and corruption scandals,, in order to feed their families and return to lawyer profession,, the character to her brought the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress award, and her record of the seven TV starring awards. Is the need for professional spirit. A fine watch on collocation suits, will set off the lawyer’s professional feeling.


collocation guide

lawyer in court to defend, must need to dress up oneself. The Portofino can be described as one of the most classic styles, collocation of white suit and Nude shoes, then take on a portable bag, your shape absolutely nothing can go wrong.

IWC Portofino watch series IW356404 ¥,; 31850





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