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Beihai Beijing series Beihai limited form

watch series: Beihai

movement type: manual on the chain

case material: stainless steel

Braceletstuff: lizard

case diameter: 38 mm

domestic price: $3500

watch on a watch: This is the 50 anniversary of the North Memorial watches watch factory, limited edition of 2008. Dial face plate design using classical mistress needle design,panerai watch, 38 mm silver surface design, classic elegance. Watch equipped with the North table factory produces and of SB18-3 manually on the chain movement,, in the above we can see machine adopts the gold sleeve, blue steel screws and 3 / 4 plywood design,luxury swiss watch, but also has gooseneck tuning device, grinding and fine appearance. This watch is priced at only 3500 yuan, such a statement is that I think the most cost-effective form of money.

T-Sport series T014.430.11.057.00 watch

watch series: T-Sport

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: steel

case diameter: 39.8 mm

domestic price: $4600

< p > watch comment said: PFP and price we can think of course number Tiansuo Lockerbie force series, but the force of the Wenlock series watch sales is really too good, too easy to hit the table,, so I compare like this a slightly sporty T-Sport series of watches, and also has a date and week display function, practicality is also very strong.