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editor: the classic series 26356PT.OO.D028CR.01 watch

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two bit Audemars Pigeut founder of the list of the names of the classic series, respectively, the two largest table,, respectively, Audemars Jules and Piguet Edward series. Jules Audemars equation of time table not only can display the sunrise, sunset time and calendar functions, but also according to the wearers or owner of the local area to circle sign, so there is no need to refer to the astronomical catalogs or use a calculator can know that the sun is the sunrise, sunset between. The movement of the kidney type timing equation of cam rotation requires a full year, this device requires absolute precision shaping,panerai watch, production and final processing, so that each day can provide useful and accurate information.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


table is composed of 1992 sections of the chronology of inspiration triggered by the year – Audemars Pigeut, to reproduce the brilliance of its timekeeping technology. In order to highlight the characteristics of new watches,, Audemars Pigeut gives it an offbeat face – commonly known as "Cyclops jump". Thus, hours, minutes, seconds to form three needle line specification perfect. Watch structure completely according to the size of the case re design, in the watchcase 43 mm in diameter. At the same time accommodate the considerable volume of movement and precision complex three minute repeater device. A new movement does not need in the newspaper?? when the pause time. Audemars Piguet exclusive research and development of time to adjust the brake device, the watch in complete knock action from time adjustment mechanism, so as to avoid danger of damage mechanism.