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< p > Star "Xingyuan" women’s clothing and accessories series design not only romantic also see pure sense of the times, stainless steel on the carve out continuously curved the abstract lines, such as waves, such as faint trace of light,, at first glance looks like mysterious astronomical phenomena, and such as roll up a whirlwind,, pulled by a mysterious force; fine glance,
vacheron constantin watch, line pattern gradually gather interlacing, finally a perfect hexagonal white star sign, flawless cut no less, show the Montblanc first the exquisite traditional crafts.

< p > Montblanc to new ideas will star logo careful deduction, and presenting three full of modern sense of design: including a thick bangles, a fine bracelet, and a rather feminine beauty ring (ring can rotate). Women in the era of confident, independent and wisdom to educate,LONGINES WATCHES, to decorations expression of personality and attitude especially experience; Xingyuan series of various delicate details, without fit contemporary female taste preferences.

Pink Gold Bracelet< p > because of the era of women well versed in jewelry match, Xingyuan series is naturally the Fuji: thick bangles light around the Yuwan, to a plurality of thin bracelets to Yubi, or respectively with thick bangles costume ring, variety, the same effect is outstanding.

< p > Xingyuan series respectively equipped with beautiful and elegant pink gold types or stylish full of black models, both through the PVD coating process, strengthen the anti wear performance, blooming beautiful luster.

< p > Xingyuan series imaginative charm in all directions, to the expression of personality or the mate preferences of mood, will be able to fully demonstrated his graceful and charming.

star "Star" jewelry series, from April 2012 onwards the global MontBlanc retail stores.