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editor: constellation 1460.75.00 watch

said OMEGA constellation series, will have to mention the most prominent feature of this series, and that is a sign of the "hold on" design, which makes OMEGA constellation became the world’s most easy to identify one of the table. This watch is equipped with a quartz movement,, 22 mm table size, neat, and 6 millimeters case thickness is thin, plus the table ring inlaid diamonds in, making this watch election to become ideal for summer wear.

collocation interpretation: elegant lady

don’t need to remind, the girls should know the importance of having a classic little black dress. The little black dress collocation waist steel low-key diamond watch,, is grace.

[Purchasing Guide]

Beijing OMEGA store (Lufthansa Jin Yuan store)

address: Beijing city Haidian District Road No. 1 Jin Yuan Yansha friendship mall store

Shanghai OMEGA store (the Bund 19)

address: No. 23 Nanjing Road,luxury swiss watch, Shanghai (the Bund 19)

Guangzhou OMEGA store (Garden Hotel)

address: Guangzhou City, city, three six eight Garden Hotel,


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