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checkerboard dress hot and a square must be imperative, whether you have a watch this piece?

< p > LV2013 Chun xiaxiu field colored chessboard fashion circle into a retro style, recently supermodel star is join continuously, set off a chessboard fashion craze. Supermodel Miranda & middot; Kerr, Lindsey Wixson, star such as twilight female Christine & middot; Stewart, Huo Siyan have dressed in the country.

interpretation: Lindsey Wixson


pretty aspect: grass green checkerboard dress

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!< p > checkerboard fashion since the release of many times,
bag outlet, he appeared on fashion magazines, and this grass green checkerboard dress can be described as Beishou favor,
vacheron constantin watch, first Huang Xiaomeng to wear the skirt board the cover of Marie Claire and supermodel of the world Lindsey Wixson in Japan "vogue" and a stunning debut. Editors only love the grass green checkerboard dress, not only highlights the checkerboard pattern more elegant to meet the upcoming bright spring.

Square Watch recommendation: PERREGAUX VINTAGE 1945 series 25760-11-161-CK7B watch

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!< p > square watch and checkerboard fashion design ideas, such as a source, the lattice elements of fashion sense have been fully demonstrated in them. This PERREGAUX watch, create a rounded rectangular dial with chic style is very flattering. Watch ear with white alligator strap steel material to create the collocation,
longines watches, look clean element. Dial the radial lines to watch the spring atmosphere more bright and beautiful.

pretty collocation recommended:

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!Checkerboard dress

green woman turned into spring elves, walk in the street more fashion color. An orange pink checkerboard coat collocation green dyeing pencil pants,luxury watches, make women more dexterous moving posture. While wearing the white PERREGAUX square watch, it is necessary to stage the spring active female wristlet.