Lady Bai Fumei in the budget of ten thousand yuan to buy the beautiful white ceramic table (1)


ceramic watch TAG Heuer formula series WAH1211.BA0861 watch


as the name, TAG Heuer formula one series everywhere embodies the speed and passion of the proposition. Ring on the digital scale,cartier watches, type track scale, the second hand of a slender in against the background of the white ceramic material is rigorous and elegant. Mix and match of the ceramic and stainless steel, make the gold watch in mellow into a trace of hale and hearty, and also soft also steel of the image of modern women is very fit.

[Purchasing Guide]

Beijing store (Shin Kong Heuer)

address: Beijing City, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Shin Kong a layer of M1026

phone: 010-65307316

Shanghai store (

Heuer Pudong Times Square)

address: Pudong New Area City,, Shanghai,, Zhang Yang Road,, 500 times square on the first floor,, 117A

phone: 021-58872203

Guangzhou Hooya retail stores (friendship Grandview store)

address: Guangzhou Tianhe Road No. 228, friendship is good

Department watch area

phone: 020-38331825


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