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gentleman big dial — Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS gold 007

< p > 44 inch dial Paris Mercure matzo Paris 007 series gold watch to the fabrication process of the movement of the top reflect classic watch making the highest level. Beautiful rose gold case fashion eye-catching, precision mosaic type double calendar window display unique and unconventional,
fake bags, stereo double circle, and the seconds tick shows its precise timing function, independently rotating the second hand is more convenient in the timing effects of the special movement, Paris Mercure proprietary Freccia rose gold hands deduction uninhibited soul of the brand. Proprietary Cubist rose gold diamond shaped marks equipped in the eye-catching watch design highlights the watch different, Paris Mercure Heritage Classic, Royal drum case design is full of extravagance, Royal classic drumstick crown design is unable to restrain to think of traditional watchmaking yellow golden age. Luxury enthusiasts can enjoy through the sapphire, anti dazzle mirror and enjoy high quality automatic winding movement,
copy bags, enjoy operated mechanically strong rhythm. They will presumably for its precision engraved Paris Mercure proprietary universe network lines,, cosmic light pattern plating rhodium dial design and amazed.

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Polo FortyFive Chronograph perfectly reflects the traditional spirit and the count watch. Dazzling 45 millimeters watchcase implies a polo game 45 minutes of meaning, as a sports watch, count the titanium metal watchcase injection molded rubber and stainless steel strap collocation, unique 880P automatically on the chain fly back chronograph movement is to count only some of the technical support, the second area and big date window beautiful present in silver,Replica watches for sale, gray and red on the surface.