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890GX;        ;;; 890GX; PConline; AMD chip; the highest set of CPU chips as the highest market in the market.

PConline station 890GX chip as the market on the highest set of focus on the AMD force set significantly CPU attitude, in a fairly long period of time will occupy the high-end mainstream, due to the obvious and unique mixed exchange of fire, so the 890GX chip is very strong, most manufacturers will be positioned in the adaptation AMD six core CPU and the formation of the game platform. Taiwan based manufacturer of a gleam of launched a lot of high-end products, but the price is quite expensive, and ASL recently will launch the ASL diamond R890G, only 799 yuan, the price is good, know about.

longines watches< p > fast travel online accelerator safety you price prominent ASL diamond R890G arrival only of 799 yuan, imported all solid capacitor design, luxury ten phase power supply and integrated heat pipe heat sink design,, support AMD’s new six core and a soft opening of nuclear technology, collocation SB850,, native sata3.0 support, integrated HD4290 core also support dual crossfire.

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< p > a diamond R890G motherboard using the amd the latest 890GX+SB850 chipset design, support AM3/AM2+ interface processor, support AMD’s upcoming six core processor, bus HT3.0, maximum speed 5.2GT/s,
click here, support dual crossfire, integrated RadeonHD4290 graphics core, hardware support for DX10.1, SM4.1, and join the subdivision surface (tessellation) technical support, with 40 stream processor, eight texture address unit, 4 texture filter unit, four ROP units, the default core frequency 700MHz, and diamond R890G load a memory chip of a single 128MBDDR3-1333.

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power supply design

longines watchesRadeonHD4290 ATIStream supports

general purpose computing technology and ATIPowerPlay energy saving technology, but also specifically built a special image processing engine UVD2.0,fake bags, with AVIVOHD HD technology, supports VC-1, H.264, MPEG-2 and other encoding format 100% full hardware decoding, and support for high quality video scaling (SD, SD