In the United States have conspired to engage in 9 – 11 timid spy chicken surrender _ news

       ; the Second World War, spies had successfully landed on the U.S. Coast two times. They carry up hydropower station, rail hub, and other important strategic materials factory in the United States, "havoc". If it is not a spy, 60 years ago, the United States may be staged

Second World War, the spy had successfully landed in the United States two times. They carry up hydropower station, rail hub, and other important strategic materials factory in the United States,, "havoc". Not to spy out, 60 years ago USA may be staged "9· 11 prequel". Netease history

longines watches< p > to declare war on the United States, ordered the military intelligence agency of targets in the United States take action, Military Intelligence Bureau specially set up a school for training spy for the activity. Code the program is "Rees Pasteur action", by the Military Council "American" Walter · Karp for lieutenant. Karp from a dedicated funding to the United States of the organization of the return of the 8 elite, loyal to the people, they are divided into two groups. The first group consists of 39 year old George · John · Das renzuchang. This person had USA behavior among an immigrant,, American style. Another person called Ernest · Berg, is a veteran, participated in the beer museum, in the United States as a mechanic, but also to participate in the national guard. Two other people is Heinrich & middot; Hayek and Richard & middot; quinoline, Volkswagen mechanic, who live in the United States. The second group is 32 year old Edward · Ke Erling. At the beginning of April, 1942, eight people came to the school to receive training, training content is mainly how to use and steganography intelligence spy basic skills. Netease history

longines watches< p > have conspired in the United States engage in "9· 11" timid spy battlefield surrender news, dash panel is arranged blow up the Niagara Falls a few hydropower station, Alcoa factories and the Ohio River of several dams. Cauchy’s group of Erling responsible blow up the railway station and a few important iron, New York’s Central Iron Gate Bridge and New York City water supply system. In addition, two groups of troops but also an opportunity in the department store, the train station locker room placed timing, create an atmosphere of terror, the United States stir a Dier overturned. If the plan goes well, Karp will continue to increase manpower, built a terrorist network in the United states. Netease history

longines watches

< p > 1942 June 12 evening,
replica handbags, the dash panel by German submarines arrived in New York the south shore of long island off the coast, two sailors row boats put them ashore. They brought 4 boxes filled with only water, disguised as coal and fuse, ignition timing device, pen, sulfuric acid. Do have a handkerchief,
vacheron constantin watch, with some lurking in the steganography potion written beautiful spy name and address. When they landed, they quickly buried.