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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Xinhua Yunnan channel may 30 report (reporter Chen Peng) 3D Hollywood animation "Kung Fu Panda 2" to swept the Chinese film market, this time, "Dragon Warrior" Po meets trouble: a Shen Ye White Peacock invented the lethality ten feet of heavy< p > Xinhua net Yunnan channel on May 30 report (reporter Chen Peng) 3D Hollywood animation "Kung Fu Panda 2" to swept the Chinese film market, this time, "Dragon Warrior" Po meets trouble: a white peacock, Shen Ye invented the lethality is full of heavy artillery, ready to destroy Kung Fu, the annexation of the Central Plains. Po and partners to embark on the journey of the world, despite the stereotypes, this adventure can be both beautiful and warm. "Kung Fu Panda 2" story is more exciting than the first is more abundant, Paul also should understand about themselves – a typical Hollywood style campaign in Shen’s Phoenix Valley, the hero to overcome have to figure out who they are,
copy bags, where to where to go; a clue is another sign of war, is searching for clues, the two lines are very exciting, the funny fight since Needless to say, it is both independence war or wolves have singled out Shen enough gimmicks and bedding, those lucidity details are perfect display 3D animation Kung Fu, just let people sigh for the concept of life for check; throughout the adventure of the main line, through the full flavor of the ink recalls paragraph fully portray the Po is extremely cute, poor childhood, let the audience to wait, Po firmly and "father goose" embrace, the audience really moist eyes . This is a warm animation, "the dream factory" the Chinese classical art elements (paper, ink, shadow), to love and to be loved Theme Charm to play to the extreme, also firmly establishing the Po’s personal charm: naive, careless, amazing skill and embarrassment. Although simple, no wonder good triumphs over, looking for convention, this cartoon is always successful; in contrast, in recent years, the domestic animation are, such as "Qitian prequel," Ma Xiaotiao "," Storm Rider "," magic teenager "and so on or behind many, not only lack of unrestrained imagination and lack of delicate and colorful plot ups and downs, and even the use of stereotypes are lack of enough sincerity and patience. The most worrying is that when we also indulged in 2D animation, Hollywood has entered the era of 3D, domestic animation when can catch up? The release of "Kung Fu Panda 2" Mandarin version still dubbed by the Shanghai factory production, translation and dubbing scripts are great, "awesome", "Everything is nothing" the network hot words are used; Liu Fengpei A Bao Di Feifei with the impeccable, Tigress, Liu Qin with Shen also lattice God,
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