2012 the world’s destruction of the news of the discovery of the first for the earth’s sun

        an artist in the imagination of the Gliese 581d (right),
fashion watches, the appearance of a dark red Beijing May 18, according to foreign media reports, the French Paris Laplasse College (theInstitutPierreSimonLaplace) a group of scientists recently discovered in the outer solar system suitable for life in the earth

an artist in the imagination of the Gliese 581d (right), the appearance of a dark red

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in May, according to foreign media reports, a group of scientists in Paris, France (theInstitutPierreSimonLaplace),www.onheresale.com, a group of scientists in the solar system recently found a suitable planet for the life of the earth.

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news 2012 destruction of the earth outside the solar system found the first earth habitable planet (figure, the star called Gliese 581d (Gliese581d), is 20 light-years from earth in the solar system a. It was the first time a scientist has discovered and admitted that it is suitable for life.

Replica watches"This finding is important because it is the first planet to be identified as a weather analyst with the possibility of life on the planet, and other observers are also identified with the planet," said

Wordsworth ·, RobinWordsworth’s team."

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present conditions can support some earth like life, may have the fresh water resources and precipitation.

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scientists were surprised by the findings. Because they are excluded from the earlier Gliese 581d habitable outside the ranks,www.wrist4usale.com. Scientists believe that this discovery will pave the way for the future exploration of the planet suitable for human habitat.

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but the report pointed out that the future of the planet to the astronauts may find the planet around the earth and there is a world of difference. The sky is dark red, gravity is also two times the earth, in this life may be two times heavier than the earth, and the planet’s current carbon dioxide layer is not suitable for human breathing.

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[the world]

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solar system six big line introduction four expert Replica watches

the U.S. "time" magazine website, the sky appeared recently gold, wood, water, fire,longines watches, Uranus and Neptune "6 planets" phenomenon, "theory" and four. The United States.