Zhang Xinyu space 2010 men with Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

        December 3, 2010, hosted by the fashion media group’s "men’s clothes", "2010 men’s assembly" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition "in the twenty-two hospital Street Art District white space exhibition opening. "Men with" editor and publisher Rosinante, "men with" advertising director Lu

in December 3, 2010, by the fashion media group’s "men’s clothes" hosted "2010 men’s" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition "in the twenty-two hospital Street Art District white space exhibition opening. Star FHM editor and publisher, tit, FHM China advertising director Lu and Qiwei, Vincent, horses, Wu Diwen, zhangxinyu, women’s 12 Lok Square, Hao Tian, Qi Qianjun etc. have arrived and were celebrating art exhibition opening. Zhang Xinyu is still in the field signature presented in December, "the man installed".

https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > zhangxinyu space 2010 FHM China contemporary art exhibition,
www.fashion-chrono.com, the art exhibition is on the basis of the theme of "Chinese style", by the industry’s well-known artists to create works include painting, sculpture, photography, installation and various kinds of theme interpretation of works of art.

https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > famous designer Yue creation of works called "Chun GUI where WheredoestheSpringGo", with Chinese traditional curtain embedded female
underwear as relief ridicule and expression of women and private; life and thinking. Artist Liu Zhao’s works the text feast, sex, through the design of the cooking, make "food, color," a writing table delicacies. Not even a gourmet, each culture smell and taste can also taste the culture dishes prepared. "Good and evil" taste, scrutinize "color, color Yun" product phase, appreciate "discontent" majestic and strong.


artist Zhang Yanzi exhibited six paintings of "treading on sedge" series of works and two pieces of "rest" theme works. The step sedge "creation in 2007, works for selecting fresh theme of modern women, using unique painting language, no background, no plot,luxury swiss watches, simple performance figures of the United States, with lines and ink to win. The characters are dynamic and have the charm, which reflects the aesthetic taste of the young people in the contemporary multicultural background. This series of works in 2007,Sexy Lingerie Jacobs Skirt, "hundreds of Jinling" Exhibition on gold.


artist Hao friends of the three pieces of sculpture, with smooth and elegant lines, showing the unique beauty of women. 2010 Hao Youwei 8.3 International Men’s Day "creation of sculptures in the life that shakes the barley this year have been selected for the Louvre art salon.


in the exhibition scene,http://www.wrist4usale.com, a set of classic works by the men installed special photographer attracted the attention of the guests at the scene. This group of works not only reflect the "men loaded" in the 7 years of publication.