Figure 90, 00 after exposing the child about Dongyu Zhou Lu Yu – amazing transformation

        Abstract: Yang Lixiao (1992). Representative: "indulgence", "young BaoQingTian 3", "Snow", "women in the burning cry", "Yun Niang" etc.. Yang Zi (1992). Representative: "families with children" 1/2, "young Kangxi", "secret history", "girls sourdrang

Abstract: Yang Lixiao (1992). Representative: "indulgence", "young BaoQingTian 3", "Snow", "women in the burning cry",, "Yun Niang" etc.. Yang Zi (1992). Representative works: the families with children 1 / 2 "," young Emperor Kangxi ", the secret history of Xiaozhuang, the girl’s diary, the pursuit of happiness"… replica watches,Uncovering < p > 90, 00 star amazing transformation, Luyu about zhoudongyu, then Guo Bailu and participated in two consecutive years Dalian International Fashion Festival, as many children’s clothing brand designated model, at the same time, she also starred in the stars know my heart 2 "," burning love "," heartburn "and other TV dramas, and Heidi, Tao Huimin, Peixi, and filmed some commercials, started through the network" in the limelight. "

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< p > although now on the Internet has become a star,
gucci watch, but our parents to her location or "principle does not go the way of entertainment", has been Guo Bailu of learning are not relaxed, after school we also learn the art of art, violin, dance like, last semester final examination Guo Bai Lu has achieved good results in the second class. Later, Guo Bailu in the company of their parents went to study in Japan and our father said to do this for the Bai Lu of the visa processing time is 3 years, went to Japan mainly is to learn the language and to receive compulsory education. replica watches

, born in October 17, 1996, 3 and a half years old, started shooting advertising, more than four years took numerous advertisements, ten movies, TV series. On September 2003, the first grade primary school, and then go to Dalian filming. Filming is very hard, the rest of the particular time, but also spend a lot of time to bitter back lines. Although this is the case, but also did not forget to study, usually a time to learn. Mom and dad in the teacher’s guidance,luxury swiss watches, academic performance has been very good. Made a good score in the final test. When filming small horizons. Get exercise,, increase a lot of knowledge can not go to school textbooks, got more education. replica watches

< p > is about Zhou Dongyu alpha December 1998 2 was born. Since started in the "very 6 + 1" a gun, won "stars" after, many columns are invited from Xinjiang small handsome alpha performances. "Happy Dictionary", "Avenue of stars", "family story", "tonight" and other CCTV brand columns have been left behind the shadow of Alfa. At the same time, all over the country in many shows and TV shows, Alfa also frequently appeared, with his song and dance.